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A private label technology platform designed to engage and activate your people.


Welcome to Awespira, an award-winning technology platform designed to engage and rebuild loyalty with your employees, members, customers, or allies. Our platform offers a fun, gamified environment that allows organizations to educate, activate, engage, and inspire their audience.


At the heart of Awespira – both on our web and native mobile applications – is a robust private-labeled social gamification environment. Users can earn coins by participating in various activities, such as taking quizzes, polls, or surveys, reading articles or watching videos, sharing messages or actions on social media, participating in live or virtual meetings or events, taking virtual training courses, completing wellness challenges, and donating to their favorite causes.


To encourage frequent returns and maximize user engagement, we have embedded America's largest discount program, bringing exclusive local and national discounts to our users. Additionally, organizations can use the Awespira platform as a Main Street economic development tool. AveNew is collaborating with our clients to add local retailers to the discount platform, benefiting not only Awespira users but also over 5 million users.


Join us today and experience the benefits of our gamified platform, which is designed to build loyalty and engagement among your audience.

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