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A private label technology platform designed to engage and activate your people.

AveNew Awespira is an award-winning private-label technology platform that uses gamification to engage and activate users. 


The Awespira platform has been designed to be as dynamic as our clients’ ever-evolving needs, dreams, and ambitions. 


The heart and soul of Awespira – both our multilingual web and mobile applications – is a closed private-labeled social gamification environment where users are guided by our mascot “Awtto” to earn rewards for engaging in “Calls to Action” (CTAs), such as:


  • Taking a quiz, poll, or survey

  • Reading an article

  • Watching an embedded video 

  • Participating in a wellness challenge

  • Taking political action

  • Taking virtual certificated training courses

  • Participating in live or virtual meetings or events

  • Donating to their favorite cause or charity

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