Team AveNew

Team AveNew

The entire AveNew Solutions team shares the values of AveNew’s co-founders:

  • Empowering people to protect themselves and their families to live without fear of financial ruin due to runaway medical expenses

  • Innovative solutions to the urgent challenges facing working families

  • Concierge customer service



Director, National Marketing

Favel joins the AveNew Team with 30 years of community, political, and union organizing experience in social media, online organizing, and earned media. Favel’s diverse background and extensive policy knowledge allows her to seamlessly step into any campaign or organizing effort and offer expert strategy advice and professional leadership. Raised in the Midwest, Favel worked on the West Coast for 25 years and happily calls both California and Missouri home. Favel received her BA in Public Relations and Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. 



Director, Administrative Services

Carri lives each day seeing that what she does – and what our team does – at AveNew directly impacts working families in the most meaningful and positive way. "Because we provide them with truly affordable and comprehensive benefits, they have security, which I see firsthand when I’m working with a member who is on disability or a daughter who is submitting a life claim for her mother. I am happiest when I’m serving others and am thankful my work offers me that opportunity. Compassion and responsiveness are what drives me."



Director, Client Services

Cherri has deep experience in the employee benefits industry and is committed to excellence in customer service. She inherently understands that the member is the single most valuable asset an organization can have and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of client-driven focus. Ms. Murray oversees the implementation and support systems that our clients use to operate and manage their benefits. She has a wide range of responsibilities including technology, accounting, and business management.




Trish is a highly accomplished business executive with over two decades of experience in accounting and business management. Among her many skills are budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling and reporting, cash flow and payroll management. Prior to joining the AveNew team, Trish served in a series of finance roles, including Controller, Financial Systems; VP, Finance and Accounting; Global Controller; and Finance Manager.