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Team AveNew

Team AveNew

The entire AveNew Solutions team shares the values of AveNew’s co-founders:

  • Empowering people to protect themselves and their families to live without fear of financial ruin due to runaway medical expenses

  • Innovative solutions to the urgent challenges facing working families

  • Concierge customer service

Sean Delaney Picture Full.jpg


Chief Operations Officer

Sean is an accomplished business executive, entrepreneur, lawyer, speaker, and author. After law school, Sean was fortunate to land a management position with MetLife, where he spent years honing his craft across multiple divisions, including Operations, Quality, Human Resources, and Risk Management (where he was responsible for running the division for Compliance, Risk, & Privacy for all Federal government contracts). Eventually, Sean decided to embark out on his own, where for over 25 years, he has delivered incredible results for some of the most successful global brands (Nike, Uber, J&J, JPMC, and more).  

Sean and his wife Marcella live in New Jersey with their three children – Claudia, Massimo, and Nico. Sean’s hobbies include ice hockey, Jiu Jitsu, and coaching his son’s baseball team. Sean’s motto is “You will never find the answer to a question you’re afraid to ask.”



Corporate Counsel

Doug Kortrey is an experienced lawyer with 25+ years of expertise specializing in counseling privately held and publicly traded companies. His experience as in-house and outside counsel fostered a unique perspective for developing legal strategies, analyzing commercial and licensing transactions, and advising, and working with cross-functional teams comprised of sales, operations, product development, and engineering professionals. 


Doug is dedicated to delivering value-driven results to AveNew, advising them how to overcome their legal, statutory, compliance, and management challenges. He is a detailed-oriented and versatile team player who will focus on and help drive Avenew’s complex transactions, technology contracting, software licensing, IP management, and regulatory compliance.

Eryn Morgan (credit Shannon Confair)_edited.jpg


Director of Project Management

Eryn Morgan is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant who specializes in helping teams reach big goals through effective collaboration. With over 15 years of experience working with nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Eryn uses her project management background, deep knowledge of business strategy, and her talents in developing emerging leaders to serve her clients.


In her role as Director of Marketing at Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures, she focused energy on bringing resources and opportunities to underserved communities with a focus on literacy.

She’s excited to bring her diverse skillset to AveNew in her role as Director of Project Management.

Awtto Face 5 BW.jpg


Director of Fun & Games

Awtto brought his vast experience in the field of “make learning fun” to AveNew in early 2022. He has helped inspired the team to think outside the box and to consider all perspectives for building a stronger community.

In his spare time, Awtto enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing fetch, what’s that noise outside, and long leisurely walks. Awtto also knows the answer to “who’s a good boy” but he’ll never tell.

Shayne's headshot BW.jpg


Benefits & Administrative Specialist

Shayne has always enjoyed studying processes and using her analytical skills to solve problems both of which are why she studied Accounting Technology. At AveNew Solutions, Shayne works closely with the team by providing administrative assistance, technical, logistical, and benefits support. And as technology changes, Shaye is always the early adopter and adapts it to the needs of AveNew Solutions.

In her spare time, Shayne usually spends it with her family, traveling, especially going to the beach. She also plays frisbee football during weekends and goes mountain biking as well.



Chief Information Security Officer

Jim Garrett is a seasoned IT Cyber Security professional having served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for large enterprises such as 3M, Honeywell, Ingram Micro, and the States of Missouri and New York.


Jim is a certified information system security professional (CISSP), certified ISO27001/2 Lead Assessor, as well as holding BA and MBA degrees.



Vice President of Gamified Solutions

Dan brings his deep entrepreneurial spirit to the AveNew team with a history of creating successful companies and transitioning into various roles in the world of finance and private equity lending.  


After founding, owning, and growing a pharmaceutical wholesale company to reach annual sales of $200M, Dan has experience navigating the worlds of marketing, company and corporate performance, goal attainment, growth, and customer service.  


Dan’s education includes UC Santa Barbara and Western State College of Law. His hobbies include tournament chess along with enjoying golf with his two teenage sons while never allowing the frustration of slow improvement to ruin a day on the golf course!

Favel Jens BW.jpg


Director of Goals & Solutions

Favel joins the AveNew Team with 30 years of community and political organizing experience as well as leadership building for non-profits. She has worked in the fields of government relations, communications, and development. Favel’s diverse background and extensive policy knowledge allows her to seamlessly step into any campaign or organizing effort and offer expert strategic advice and professional leadership. She loves helping organizations utilize the Awespira app to connect with their audience and attain their goals. 

Raised in the Midwest, Favel worked in California for almost 25 years and has recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, Favel enjoys bicycling, snowshoeing, gardening, reading, and playing with her fur kids since she is a full-time empty nester.

Ken Oros_edited.jpg


Certified Payments Consultant

Ken is an Executive Consultant and Certified Payments Professional. He has been active as a consultant across the POS and payments space, including time working with banks on end user requirements, POS system assessments, merchant programs, and the implementation of POS processing systems for major retailers.


Ken has orchestrated the effort and managed teams for conversions from third-party processors to in-house payments platforms. His experience includes time in the United States, Eastern Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

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