Barbara Maynard
CEO & Director of Visionary Strategy

Barbara Maynard has always followed her own path — now she helps lead yours! With roots as a trader on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange and later as Director of Budget and Finance for Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, she has established herself as a leading nationally respected consultant.


For more than two decades, Ms. Maynard is a veteran of:

  • Employee relations and benefits innovations

  • Government budgets

  • Municipal finance

  • Pension fund issues

  • Public policy

  • Economic analysis

  • Research and strategy

Ms. Maynard has also spent her time on local and global concerns. Most recently, she and her daughter organized a trip of mothers and children to El Salvador and a nonprofit that works ‘hands on’ with women and children there who experience extreme poverty and violence providing them a framework for economic independence.

Ms. Maynard credits one of her most profound early accomplishments helping to build houses in rural Mexico. She realized that despite her professional successes there was more to her life than just helping others. Ms. Maynard realized that she was just as much a leader and a guide. Through that experience, she led the efforts to build an additional 120 new homes. It has been her philosophy ever since, helping to lead and guide businesses and organizations wishing to do good through her firm with solutions that can get them there. 

Ms. Maynard graduated in Economics and Political Science from New York’s Columbia University and is the proud mother of a high school graduate who will be attending University of Colorado at Boulder where she hopes to continue ski racing and dancing.  

I find it important to empower people, especially our children. It's powerful to teach them how they can fight for themselves so that they can achieve what's right for their communities.