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AveNew Passion Drives Innovation


Where passion drives innovation

Welcome to AveNew

Welcome to AveNew Solutions, where our passion drives constant and never ending innovation. We empower employers and leaders of membership-based organizations to enhance the well-being of your people while providing modern tools proven to build deep loyalty. 


Central to our approach is Awespira, our private label advanced technology platform. Awespira acts as a comprehensive hub, offering education, inspiration, and activation, as well as seamless access to a wealth of resources. 


From exclusive discounts on dining, travel, and attractions to supplemental benefits that cover out-of-pocket expenses, Awespira supports physical, emotional, and financial wellness. Our platform also includes engaging tools for mental well-being and provides financial education, credit-building programs, and affordable foreign remittance options.


Through Awespira, we foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie, encouraging individuals to support and motivate each other, forming stronger connections within the organization or community.


Join AveNew on this transformative journey toward building a healthier, happier, and more prosperous community. Together, with the power of Awespira, we can educate, inspire, and engage your people, creating a future where physical, emotional, and financial wellness converge, propelling individuals and organizations towards unprecedented heights.

Want to learn how to improve employee wellness while cutting payroll expenses?


Get to Know Us

AveNew is a proud member of 1% For The Planet. This means we give 1% of our revenue to non-profits in the most impactful ways possible. By supporting AveNew, you support the planet.




Driven by Passion

The AveNew Team has been helping organizations and people for more than three decades. We’ve seen the struggles, and are committed to creating lasting change.

Led by Experience

AveNew’s founding partners have decades of experience working with progressive organizations and finding solutions to provide real help. We are ready to hit the ground running to support your organization!

Powered by Innovation

We have a highly unique, unparalleled commitment to helping people engage through groundbreaking innovations. Request a demo today of our patent pending technology to find out how Awespira can help you!

Our Passion is Helping People

I am driven by an intense desire to help and have been incredibly fortunate to be able to make a career out of my deepest passions. I am bringing this dedication to serve to AveNew and am excited to create new ways to unleash the power of people through new and innovative platforms!

- Barbara Maynard, Founding Partner

Our Experience is Unparalelled

The innovation and relentless pursuit for solutions that we bring is what separates us from what is happening with traditional benefits today. At AveNew, we add real value to the organization and we are committed to helping bring dignity and respect to all people.

- Rick Bender, Founding Partner

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