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AveNew is breaking new ground by prioritizing people over profits. Our passion is to disrupt the status quo and radically reimagine how progressive organizations engage and build loyalty with their members.

Driven by Passion

We are super passionate about disrupting the status quo with leading edge solutions that will make a real difference in the health and well-being of individuals, their families, and their communities - and in the strength of the organizations that fight for justice.

relentless pursuit

Working families are routinely exploited - from high interest sub-prime loans to low value voluntary benefits. At AveNew, it's not about making a buck - it's about a relentless pursuit of the best solutions.

Led by Experience

Our founding partners have decades of experience in both the public & private sectors, in employee benefits and policy, membership organizing & retention, and PR/communications. 

We are ready to hit the ground running to support your organization!

Powered by Innovation

We have a highly unique, unparalleled commitment to helping people engage with their communities through groundbreaking innovations. Request a demo today of our patent pending technology to find out how the Activist can help you!

Our Passion is Helping People

I am driven by an intense desire to help and have been incredibly fortunate to be able to make a career out of my deepest passions. I am bringing this dedication to serve to AveNew and am excited to create new paths to community health and well-being together we all who we touch.

- Barbara Maynard, Founding Partner

Our Experience is Unparalelled

The innovation and relentless pursuit for solutions that we bring is what separates us from what is happening with traditional benefits today. At AveNew, we deliver superior outcomes, adding real value to the organization and improving the health and well-being for individuals and families.

- Rick Bender, Founding Partner


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