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Guaranteed Paycheck Protection™

AveNew is pleased to offer a groundbreaking solution - FREE to the Employer and the Employees* - that empowers the Employer to significantly reduce health insurance premiums while protecting Employees' paychecks.

*Requires monthly interaction with a Health Coach by email, text, or phone.


COVID-19 Testing

FREE COVID-19 virus and antibody testing for every employee (and up to three dependents). Zero cost testing available for employee and 3 dependents up to 4 times per year at place of work or at a remote location.


Cost Savings

Dramatically lower health insurance spend by immediately increasing plan deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket as allowed by IRS Notice 2020-29.


(Rule of thumb: For each $1,000 increase in a plan's deductible, the premium will decrease by 9%.)


Paycheck Protection

Provide Guaranteed Paycheck Protection™ for employees with a groundbreaking “Gap Insurance” product that covers up to $10,000/year ($30k for families) of their deductible and most out-of-pocket medical expenses.



Demonstrably improve the health & well-being of employees through our highly-incentivized Wellness Program.

How is GPP free for both the Employer and the Employee?

  • The Gap insurance product is a qualified Section 125 pre-tax premium and thus reduces the Employee’s payroll taxes and matching Employer FICA taxes.

  • Employees who engage at least once a month with their personal Wellness Coach receive a claim payment* for the activity.

  • The combined payroll tax savings + the Wellness Claim Payment fund the entire GPP™ program!

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