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After more than 25 years helping Working Americans secure the benefits their families need, AveNew is passionate about helping families live without the fear of financial ruin due to the unexpected expense of an illness or injury. And after witnessing first-hand the exploitation of hard-working Americans by brokers and insurance companies that put profits over people, we are committed to the relentless pursuit of strategies that help men and women keep their hard-earned pay so they can provide for their families and live their best life.

U.S. workers are increasingly buried under the burden of health care costs and financially vulnerable due to limited savings.

Out of control employee benefit costs

  • 67% increase in deductibles for employer-sponsored health plans since 2010(1)

  • 63% of Americans don’t have $500 in savings to cover out-of-pocket medical costs in the event of an injury or sickness(2)

  • 68% of patients don’t pay their hospital bill(3)

High deductibles = workers defer or avoid care

  • 40% of Americans defer treatment(4)

  • 23% of Americans skip medical treatment(5)

  • 21% of Americans skip a prescription(5)


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